Buero Kofink Schels

Architekten PartGmbB
Frundsbergstraße 34
D-80634 München
+49 (0) 89 4520 45 45


Stadtbibliothek Mannheim
Selective Competition together with Studio Corso

DAM Preis 2021
House with two columns has been nominated for DAM Preis 2021

Casa Baldi
Simon has spent the beginning of the year at Casa Baldi in Olevano Romano, as a fellow of the german academy in Rome, Villa Massimo

CARNETS - Architecture is just a pretext
An editorial project from IUAV Architecture University of Venice featuring statements by young architects across europe.

Exhibition Architecture
- Tell me about yesterday tomorrow -
at NS-Dokumentationszentrum, Munich
Director: Miriam Zadoff
Artistic Director: Nicolaus Schafhausen
Graphic Design: Boy Vereecken

Honorable Mention
Competition together with Studio Corso

Our contribution to the second edition of the editorial project from IUAV Architecture University of Venice is out. The collected issues are exhibited at the Tolentini Library of Venice.

Roundtalks Berlin
Sebastian Kofink will give a talk on our work at TU Berlin.

Together with Dyvik Kahlen Architects, London we have won 3rd price in the IBA-Thüringen-competition "Multitalent gesucht".
In collaboration with Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur, Hamburg and Bauart consulting engineers, Munich.

Vertical extension of a housing block in Munich. Competition 1st price. In collaboration with SoHo Architektur.

Simon Jüttner will give a lecture on the role of vision in the perception of architecture. Lecture: 18.10.

Real Estate Architecture #3
We will be Tutors at REA Summerschool in Ghent. Lecture: 30.08.

Förderpreis der Architekturgalerie am Weißenhof:
Anerkennung / Honorable Mention

Freiham WA12
2nd Rank for our competition proposal in collaboration with FAM-Architekten and bauchplan).(.

Together with büro dantele we have won a competition for a housing project in Kranzberg. Construction is expected to start in 2020.

Simon Jüttner and Sebastian Kofink have been called to be members of Bund Deutscher Architekten.

Tobias Donat X Buero Kofink Schels
`global goals´ exhibition opening at Nir Altmann Galerie Munich, featuring Daybed01 by Buero Kofink Schels.

Simon Jüttner will be a scolar at Deutsche Akademie Rom, Casa Baldi in 2020.


Motor de Sostenibilidad

Arroyo de la Luz, ES


Community Space

500 sqm

Community space and Garden with Guest Rooms. Conversion of a former stable yard

Collaborators: Megi Davitidze


Tell me about yesterday tomorrow

Munich, D


Exhibition Design

1000 sqm

Interventional Exhibition Design for
- tell me about yesterday tomorrow -
curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen and Mirjam Zadoff, Art Direction by Boy Vereecken.
The exhibition integrates works of more than 40 artists into the permanent exhibition documenting the History of National Socialism.

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München

Collaborators: Markus Stolz

Photography: Sebastian Schels and Simon Jüttner


House B

Guntersrieth, D


Private House

70 sqm

Simple summer house in the hills of Franconia

Collaborators: Ella Esslinger



Nordhausen, D



12.900 sqm

Proposal for the prototypical renewal of a "Plattenbau Siedlung".
Together with Dyvik Kahlen Architects London.

International Building Exhibition (IBA)
competition 3rd price.

In collaboration with Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur, Hamburg and Bauart Consulting Engineers, Munich.



Munich, D



2160 sqm

Vertical extension of a listed housing block in Munich.

Competition 2018, 1st price.

In collaboration with SoHo Architektur.


Freiham WA12

Munich, D


Housing, Kindergarden

13.000 sqm

Housing and Kindergarden.
Competition, 2nd rank/3rd price.

In collaboration with FAM-Architekten and bauchplan).(.



Kranzberg, D



2400 sqm

Affordable housing and community building. Competition 1st price. Construction is expected to start 2020.

In collaboration with büro dantele.



Aichach, D



11.000 sqm

Affordable housing. Study for Eleonore-Beck-Stiftung


Wohnen 1918-2018

Munich, D


Exhibition Design

400 sqm

100 years of social housing in Bavaria. Exhibition at Pinakothek der Moderne.
Invited competition.

In collaboration with Winston Hampel and Parat CC.


San Riemo

Munich, D



4000 sqm

A research-by-design housing project. International open competition
Anerkennung / honorable mention

In collaboration with FAM-Architekten.



Thurgau, CH



70 sqm

Refurbishment / conversion of a half-timbered house.


Kiosk am Ammersee

Diessen, D



65 sqm

competition proposal


House with two stairs

Thurgau, CH


Privat House

200 sqm

House for two


T.I.A. 2

Almeria, ES


Private House

68 sqm

A courtyard-house extending T.I.A.-House.


House with two collums

Polling, D


Private House

140 sqm

Photography: Sebastian Schels



Bad Hindelang, D


Private House

140 sqm

Extension / conversion of a former post office´s outbuilding.



Munich, D


Housing, Public

4000 sqm

Housing, neighbourhood café and kindergarden.

Invited competition in collaboration with SOHO-Architekten, Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur and Norbert Zambelli.



Starnberg, D


Private House

300 sqm

Refurbishment of a house with a view.

unrealised design



Munich, D




Exhibition in connection with the award of
Foerderpreis für Architektur der Landeshauptstadt Muenchen.


Private Gallery

Obersteinbach, F



300 sqm

Private gallery space and studio for an art-collector. Conversion of a Barn.

unrealised design


Don t be afraid to participate!

Munich, D


Exhibition Design

800 sqm

Exhibition design for a show on collective housing at Architekturmuseum, Pinakothek der Moderne in munich.

In collaboration with Architekturmuseum TUM.

Photography: Sebastian Schels


Affordable Housing

Hohenkammer, D



1500 sqm

nominated for Berlin Award 2016
on exhibition at 15. Mostra Internationale di Architettura, Venice


A simple house close to it´s neighbour

Freising, D


Private House

140 sqm


TH 70

Munich, D


Private House

120 sqm

Refurbishment of a backyard-house.

In collaboration with Maren Weitz.

Photography: Sebastian Schels


Haus R

Neureichenau, D


Private House

140 sqm

Lph 1-4 HOAI, design and building permission.


House with a Canopy

Sinsheim, D


Private House

130 sqm

unrealised design


Berlin Museum

Berlin, D



8000 sqm

Competition proposal for `Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts´


Workshop in Rueyres

Département Lot, F


Mix Use

90 sqm

Conversion of a barn.

Awarded Bauweltpreis 2017.


Extension of a small House

Neckargemuend, D


Private House

140 sqm

unrealised design


House in an Orchard

Kirchdorf, D


Private House

240 sqm

unrealised design



Almeria, ES


private house

65 sqm

Low budget refurbishment / reconstruction / extension of a derelict house in the town of Almeria.

Nominated for DAM-Preis 2018


Magical Mystery

Porto, PRT



3000 sqm

international, open competition
honorable mention

Buero Kofink Schels is a Munich-based architecture practice established by Simon Jüttner and Sebastian Kofink in 2014.
Working for private clients just as well as public institutions, their projects engage with all scales of architecture – from furniture,
exhibitions and small conversions to housing and urbanism. Due to the given financial and logistical circumstances of the projects,
their early work relied heavily on their own initiative and manual labour. This experience has led Buero Kofink Schels
to develop an approach to architecture, that trusts methods more than habit and style, building on a fascination for
straight forward craftsmanship, just as much as a scepticism towards the mere visible form. Having realised projects
in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain, their work has found national and international recognition.

Simon Jüttner
Architekt BDA
* 1982 as Simon Schels
graduated in architecture and urban design at TU Munich.
Working in the fields of architecture and photography,
guest lecturer at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München 2015 - 2018.
Foerderpreis für Architektur der Landeshauptstadt München, 2016,
scholarship at the German Academy in Rome 2020.
Founding member of the PK Odessa Co.

Sebastian Kofink
Architekt BDA
* 1984
apprenticeship as a carpenter. Studied interior Design and architecture in Rosenheim,
Praha and Liechtenstein. Has been working with Studio Carsten Nicolai Berlin, Martin Buehler Zuerich,
Finsterwalderarchitekten in Rome, Roger Bundschuh Berlin and Regional Associates in Uganda.
Was assisting at the Chair for Architectural Design and Conception from 2012 to 2014 at the TU Munich.
Since 2015 assisting at the Chair for Architectural Design and Construction at the TU Munich.
Foerderpreis für Architektur der Landeshauptstadt München, 2016.

since 2014:
Megi Davitidze
Felix Dick
Nico Endres
Ella Esslinger
Gillaume Guerrier
Jonas Hamberger
Dong Hyun Kim
Ludwig Marx
Laura Pastior
Maximilian Peter
Alexander Richert
Jens Roll
Markus Stolz
Edda Zickert

Sebastian Schels
Simon Jüttner


Buero Kofink Schels
Architekten PartGmbB
Sitz: München, PR 1871
Simon Jüttner, Architekt, BDA, ByAK 188.695
Sebastian Kofink, Architekt, BDA, ByAK 187.742
St.Nr. 145 | 538 | 60640
USt.IdNr. DE306328575
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